African swine fever virus (ASFV) Phosphoprotein p30 - E.coli


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In the natural host, the ASFV p30 protein (CP204L) is a 30-kDa phosphoprotein localized in the membrane and also secreted by cells. The relevant parts of this very immunogenic protein is produced by E.coli as expression host and purified by chromatographic methods.


  • Product Name: ASFV p30, GFP/His-tag
  • Catalog No.: P2020-113
  • RefSeq Links: B9UNA3
  • Synonyms: CP204L; Isolate: CN/2019/InnerMongolia-AES01; ASFV/Primorsky 19/WB-6723; ASFV Georgia 2007/1

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Sequence Information

  • Species: African swine fever virus (ASFV)
  • Tags: His-Tag, N-terminal and GFP, C-terminal
  • Sequence without tags (AA 85-194):

Product Information

  • Expression Host: E. coli
  • ormulation: PBS, pH  7,4
  • Format: Liquid, stored and shipped at -80°C
  • Purity: > 75% as determined by SDS-PAGE

Background Information

The african swine fever virus (ASFV) is a large (approx. 200 nm) enveloped virus with an icosahedral capsid and two membranes at its inner and outer sides belonging to the Asfarviridae family. It is the only known virus with double-stranded DNA genome to be transmitted by arthropods. The virus causes a haemorrhagic fever with high mortality rates in domestic pigs known as African swine fever (ASF). Some isolates can cause death of animals very quickly within a few days after infection. It persistently infects its natural hosts like warthogs, bushpigs and soft ticks of the genus Ornithodoros. These animals most likely act as a vector showing no disease signs. ASFV does not cause disease in humans. The virus replicates in the cytoplasm of infected cells and mainly targets myeloid lineage cells, especially monocyte/macrophages and dendritic cells.
The outbreak of African Swine Fever Virus has recently devastated the Chinese pork industry and resulted in over 300,000 pigs being culled. The virus is continuing to spread across Asia with new outbreaks in South Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Currently no vaccine is available against ASFV.

SDS-PAGE/Coll. Coomassie

Histogram of marked lane in gel picture

SDS-PAGE of ASFV p30, GFP/His-Tag
Histogram (of marked lane in gel picture) of ASFV p30, GFP/His-tag

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