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The pro-inflammatory cytokine interleukin-6 (IL-6) plays a crucial role in acute inflammatory responses. In response to infection or tissue injury, IL-6 stimulates the production of acute phase reactants, hematopoiesis as well as the differentiation of naïve CD4+ T lymphocytes into IL-17 producing helper T cells. Interestingly, IL-6 is also described as anti-inflammatory myokine, a cytokine, which is produced from muscle cells during exercises. Dysregulation of IL-6 expression is associated with chronic inflammation and autoimmunity. Blockade of IL-6 mediated signaling cascades by using monoclonal antibodies is a promising and effective therapeutic approach to treat a variety of immune-mediated diseases. Moreover, IL-6 has been proposed as biomarker for the development of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, since secretion of IL-6 is significantly increased in COVID-19 patients and associated with poor prognosis due to extensive lung injury.

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